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Our regular course on market systems development will start on 5th of October 2020 till 31st of October 2020.  Scroll down to find out more about the course, or click to download the Registration Form

Why do this course?

Market systems development programme support people living in poverty to increase their income, gain employment, and purchase basic goods. The approach can achieve sustainable impact at scale, but faces many practical challenges. For example, what sectors should you work in? Who should you partner with, and how? How can you learn from implementation and adapt your programme?

This DevLearn online training course will introduce the core concepts of market systems development and provide simple, practical tips to enable you to implement them in your context. Online training is cost-effective, interactive, and entertainingly delivered through videos, guided exercises, and group discussions. The course will take approximately four days to complete, but can be spread across multiple weeks and completed at any time that suits you.

Over one hundred people, including consultants, project managers, donors, and measurement specialists, have taken this DevLearn course and gained practical, effective skills in international development.

During this course, you will:

Learn what a market systems approach is, and how it is different (and similar) to other approaches.

Understand how to analyse sectors and markets, and identify the most important challenges in each area.

Find out how to develop interventions that are appropriate for the context. This includes developing a vision of success, partnering with appropriate actors and negotiating deals.

Learn how to manage interventions adaptively, gathering the most important information in order to help you and other market actors understand whether the intervention is working, and whether to change it.

Understand concepts of scale and sustainability. If the pilot is successful, how can market actors take it to scale in a way that is sustainable?

This interactive and participatory course is delivered entirely online. Participants are expected to spend approximately four days on the course while they are signed up, typically 1-2 months depending on how intensively they study.

How to apply ?

It is very easy to apply for the course. All you need to do is download a registration form or email directly for more details.

How much will the course cost? 

Organisational fee: This fee applies if your organisation is paying the cost (or reimbursing you for the cost) of the course. It varies according to how many people the organisation sends on the training:

    • £450 per person with 1-2 people from organisation.
    • £400 per person with 3-5 people from organisation.
    • £350 per person with 6+ people from organisation.

*These fees do not include VAT. An extra 20% VAT is applicable for UK registered organization. *

  1. Individual fee: £300 excluding 20% VAT.

*** If you register before  1st of September 2020 then you are entitled to 10% early bird discount ***

Course Activity

The course consists of 5 components:

  1. Weekly recorded lectures. You will have access to recorded lectures, which introduce the course material in an interesting, accessible way.
  2. Live seminars. During the weeks of the 27th April and 4th of May we will gather for live seminars (two a week, lasting an hour each) to share your experiences and learn from other participants and the facilitators.
  3. Forum discussions. You can ask (and answer) any questions you want in the forum, and get answers from other participants and the course facilitators.
  4. Assessments. There are two assessments, peer-assessed by other course participants and reviewed in the weekly seminars.
  5. Guest presentations. In order to support ongoing learning, we organise online expert presentations in topics as diverse as women's economic empowerment, value for money, measuring systemic change, and using results for measurement.

The course typically takes four days to complete, and can be taken over 1-2 months, depending on your interest and availability. It is completely flexible (apart from the live seminars) - you can watch the lectures, participate on the forum, and do the assignments whenever you want.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course.


Can I do this course if I have a slow internet connection? We have had participants take this course from all over the world, including countries without good internet access. While you do need internet access, it does not need to be a high speed network. If you have previously used skype, whatsapp calls, or webinar software such as webex you should be fine.

Can I do this course if I am on a field trip? Our course timings are very flexible, and if you are on a field trip for a week you can always catch up afterwards. If you are going to be away for most of the month, however, you might struggle to stay on top of the workload.

Do you cater for all timezones? We ask for your timezone in the registration form, to ensure that we can cater to everyone's needs. We run our live seminars several times, to ensure that all participants can join, whatever the timezone. While sometimes you might not be able to join all our expert presentations live, they are all recorded so you could listen later.

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