Support, advice and ideas in inclusive economic growth

DevLearn is a UK based consulting firm specialising in implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and communications for inclusive economic growth.

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Our Services

We offer flexible expertise in setting, managing, and implementing international development programmes. Our consultancy support ranges from short-term assignments to long-term technical advisory.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

We manage programme reviews, external evaluations, learning approaches, and develop tailored monitoring and evaluation systems.

Advisory services

We provide short-term and long-term consultancy advice including on market assessments, interventon design, partnership selection, and implementation.

Online training

We offer online and offline training in areas of expertise. We offer online training in two areas: market systems development and results measurement.

African lady smiling holding jug
African lady smiling holding jug

About Us

We have worked in agricultural, industrial, and financial sectors, and have experience in gender, green growth, urban poverty and fragile markets.

Our consultancy support is practical, knowledgeable, and honest, based on years of experience in the complexities of real-life development.

We draw on a network of associate consultants, including some of the most experienced practitioners in the sectors we work in, to provide a valuable service to our clients.

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