Africa region


Client: PwC, Donor: DFID, (January 2020 – Present) 

Managed M&E system for DFID-funded business environment reform project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Client: Gatsby Africa, (March 2020 – Present) 

Provide training and learning workshops on market system development, sector transformation and results measurement

Client: LTS – Donor: DFID (December 2019 – February 2020) 

Review logframe and value for money framework for private sector development project in Rwanda.

Client: Oxford Policy Management, Donor: DFID (August 2019 – Present)

Quality assurance for external evaluation of ELAN programme, Democratic Republic of Congo

Client: DAI, Donor: DFID (August 2019 – Present)

Technical support to Strengthening Host and Refugee Population Economies (SHARPE) project, on using the market systems development approach in a refugee context, Ethiopia.

Client: Mercy Corps, Donor: EUTF (June 2019 – Present)

Market assessment, training on the market systems development approach, and development of an M&E framework, focusing on refugees and host communities  Ethiopia

Client: Mercy Corps (August 2019 – September 2019)

Supporting bid-writing for livelihoods project, Central African Republic.

Client: Global Communities, July 2019

Training on market systems development and business development services, Egypt

Client: Marketshare Associates, Donor: DFID (June 2019-present)

Training on market systems development and business development services, Egypt

Client: IYF, Donor: Mastercard foundation (May 2019-present)

Outcome harvesting’ to address key learning questions of the Via Program, Tanzania, Mozambique.

Client: Comic Relief, Donor: DFID, April’19-present)

Conduct mid-term review of Trade, Enterprise & Employment Aid Match Programme, sub-Saharan Africa

Client: SNV, Donor: SIDA, (February’19-May’19)

Multi-country evaluation for Innovations Against Poverty II Challenge Fund, Cambodia/Ethiopia/Uganda/Zambia.

Client Enterprise Partners, Donor: Government of Ethiopia (November’19-January’19)

Coordinate inputs from international and national consultants, develop recommendations and production of the final strategy paper, Ethiopia.

Client: PwC, Donor: DFID, November’18 – present)

Designed the evaluation for an innovative business registration status called Entreprenant for ESSOR project, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Client: International Youth Foundation, Donor: MasterCard Foundation (December’18-February’19)

Lead mid-term review of skills training programme taking a market systems approach, Mozambique and Tanzania

Client: International Fertilizer Development Centre ,Donor:  Netherlands Embassy (September’18 -November’18)

Conduct mid-term review of REACH, an agricultural market systems development programme, Uganda.

Client: DAI Europe/ITAD, Donor: DFID (August’18-present)

Result measurement, MSD and strategic communications support to Enterprise Partners, Ethiopia.

Client: Agora Consultancy, Donor: SIDA (August’18 – present)

Support portfolio and results measurement teams for a market systems programme working in urban areas, Ethiopia.

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