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Developing impact model for Jobs for Economic Transformation

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April 2021 - March 2022

Jobs and Economic Transformation in Ghana (JET) is an FCDO-funded programme to support Ghana to diversify their economy, identify priority sectors for inclusive growth, and attract private sector investment. This aims to increase industry and manufacturing in Ghana, adding value to locally-made products, and providing jobs and opportunities.

DevLearn is providing long-term technical assistance to the JET team across a range of topics, including strategy, gender and social inclusion (GESI), and monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL).

Our technical support has included:
• Preparing and documenting intervention strategies for the Automotive, Textile, and Garments and Pharma sectors. We developed an “Intervention Guide” for all JET interventions, documenting the intervention strategy, theory of change, work plan, and budget. We worked work with the team to complete the Intervention Guides, based on primary data collection and interviews with the teams.
• Supporting strategy and intervention management. DevLearn supported JET in developing and managing their strategies, providing advisory and coaching support to underpin intervention-level theories of change, business cases, work plans, and activities. In addition to supporting intervention managers and senior management, we also engaged the quarterly sector review process to ensure follow-up of our support and contribute to organization-wide learnings.
• Providing advice and hands-on support in the development and implementation of the GESI framework and tools, in order to ensure GESI activities are mainstreamed within JET. We also supported the development of a safeguarding framework for the JET programme, especially in the textile and garments sector.
Our MEL support has included:
• Managing the MEL system. DevLearn supported the development and revision of the logical framework and results measurement plan, ensuring that it captured the results of JET. We also designed a value for money framework and attribution strategy.
• Supporting on Annual Review process. We collected data against the logframe indicators and provided this data in the appropriate format for FCDO’s Annual Review team.
• Developing an economic model to project the expected impact of the JET Programme in Ghana on investment and jobs. Using an input-output model, we assessed how the facilitation of initial investment would lead to more investment across the economy and the creation of additional jobs.

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