Projects / Developing Indicators and Guidance on Measuring Jobs for ILO

Developing Indicators and Guidance on Measuring Jobs for ILO

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International Labor Organization 


Employment and Entrepreneurship

International Labor Organization

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MEL Systems

October 2020 - March 2021

The ILO sought DevLearn’s help in improving its framework for measuring job-related indicators. The challenge was to find indicators and measurement methods that were simple and practical to use but would provide insights into the ILO’s complex set of job-related programmes.

We started by diagnosing the current use of job-related indicators in the ILO and conducting a literature review to develop a long-list of potential indicators. We worked with the ILO to select the most important and relevant indicators from this long list, and to define them in the most appropriate way.

We then wrote a guidance paper for ILO staff on how to use the indicators and measurement methods. Accompanying the guidance paper, we designed an interactive tool, which used a decision tree to help staff pick indicators and measurement methods. Based on the answers to a set of simple questions, the tool could select the most relevant indicators.

The guidance and tool have been disseminated within the ILO, and are used to inform the development of new projects and the monitoring of existing projects.

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