Online Training

What online training do we offer?

Our next courses will take place in March 2020. Each course lasts four weeks, from the 2nd to the 27th of March. We currently offer online training in two areas:

Why do online training?

More reasons than we can list, but here are our top three:

Online training is flexible. You don't have to take time off work, travel, or interrupt your normal life. You can take our courses at work, at home, or on your daily commute. We fit in round your lifestyle.

Online  training is interactive and entertaining. Our videos are short, clear, and fun. We  give you training from international experts from around the world, and interaction with a community of practitioners facing exactly the same problems as you do.

Online training is cost-effective. In-person training can cost thousands of pounds per person. Our courses start at just 300 pounds per person, making them affordable for large organisations, small organisations looking for a cheaper option, or individual consultants.


DevLearn LLP

DevLearn LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in the UK, with partnership no. OC424201.

About Us

DevLearn LLP specialises in design, monitoring, evaluation, implementation and online training for private sector development, market systems development, M4P, challenge funds, and other economic growth programmes.

Online Training

Our online training on results measurement, monitoring and evaluation, and market systems development is flexible, entertaining, and cost-effective. Click here to find out more about our online training offers.